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Disruptive macro trends in technology are impacting and dramatically changing the "art of the possible" relative to supply chain management practices through the innovative use of IoT, cloud, machine learning and Big Data to enable connected ecosystems of engagement. Enterprise informatics can now move beyond point solutions that merely monitor the past and implement integrated enterprise fabrics that enable end-to-end supply chain visibility to improve customer service delivery and optimize supplier management. Learn about enterprise architecture strategies for designing connected systems that integrate physical and digital supply chains with your enterprise systems, leveraging IoT devices, hybrid cloud and network service providers to enable innovative business models while mitigating risk, managing security and increasing capacity to meet customer changing SLA re... (more)

Obtain Peace of Mind With Mobile Phone Insurance

Everyone believes in style and as such different phone brands are there in the market which are available with their high-tech handsets. Different blackberries and the latest i-phones are available for the user which with high prices. And, no one can bear the loss of such expensive gadgets. But this is also the fact that accidents can happen anytime. In case, if any individual fails to replace his/her handset then he/she will have to go for early termination fee to stop the monthly bill in case of pay monthly phone plan. And this process will charge more pounds to the user. Mobile phone insurance policy takes care of all kinds of losses one may face on the part of handset. Phones are so small device which can be either damaged or broken down easily. Thinner and sleeker handsets have this chance of destruction more. Mobile Phone Insurance is an ideal service to prot... (more)

Security Holes in the Mobile World

The speed of communication and connectivity today of the smart phone is unparalleled. Even better and faster than the Internet itself, because your phone is always talking to the network, always available and open to receive and send information without you having to dial a number or open a browser. However, this phenomenal capability also has a dark side. Convenience has a price. The same smart phone that is always connected and serving you content can also be serving you malicious content or stealing from you for someone else. People are buying and downloading applications to their smart phones by the millions. These applications potentially contain code to enable a hacker entry to your phone, access to your address book, identity information and more, where they can cause damage to your device and data. Much like the malicious tool bar on the Internet, an ordinary... (more)

Netbiscuits Announces Partnership with IT Solutions Provider Dibon

Netbiscuits, a cloud software service for cross-platform development and publishing of mobile websites and apps, on Wednesday announced a solution and reseller partnership with Dibon Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, the Indian branch of Dibon Inc., an American-Indian end to end IT solutions provider. Based on this agreement, Dibon will distribute Netbiscuits’ software service platform in India. In addition, Dibon will leverage Netbiscuits’ technology to offer mobile web solutions to their customers. One of the first projects that Dibon implemented using the Netbiscuits cloud software is the mobile portal of MTV India, which was developed for Zenga Media Pvt Ltd, the exclusive wap publishing portal and Video Streaming partners of MTV India and a pioneer in mobile live video streaming and value added services on the subcontinent. At the users gain ... (more)

Mobile Malware: Decompiling the Application

This four-part series presents an under the hood analysis of Android malware. This malicious mobile application is distributed via the Android's application shop market. What does it do? The application captures incoming SMS messages before any other system application. It then posts their contents to a drop server. Due to this interception behavior, security researchers have been calling it ZitMo - Zeus in the Mobile. But is this in fact the mobile equivalent of the notorious banking Trojan, ZeuS? As the analysis will show, we cannot guarantee the validity of the ZitMo claim due to the following reasons: The code is not sophisticated There is no configuration file There are no encryption methods That being said, also the first PC-based ZeuS versions were not too sophisticated, behaving as generic keyloggers. Time will tell. In the first part of this series, we prese... (more)

IBM Bans Siri, iCloud, Dropbox

IBM's approved smartphone is a BlackBerry because of its security. The company tolerates 80,000 staffers using their "bring your own" phones and tablets on its internal networks. But before they can, according to what CIO Jeanette Horan told MIT's Technology Review the other day, IBM's IT department configures any dingus "so that its memory can be erased remotely if it is lost or stolen. The IT crew also disables public file-transfer programs like Apple's iCloud; instead, employees use an IBM-hosted version called MyMobileHub. IBM even turns off Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant, on employees' iPhones. The company worries that the spoken queries might be stored somewhere." Also on the banned list are other cloud storage systems like Dropbox for fear sensitive information might get loose. IBMers aren't supposed to automatically forward their IBM e-mail to ... (more)

Court Cuts Historic Apple Award; Orders New Trial

A US district court judge Friday slashed the $1.05 billion award granted Apple last August by a jury that found Apple's great nemesis Samsung copied Apple's mobile widgetry. Apple's stock thereupon fell. The court has ordered a new trial to decide exactly what Apple should get. District Court Judge Lucy Koh doesn't think the trial will begin before the companies' appeals are resolved and may not determine exactly how to calculate the damages. It's not clear that Apple still won't get the remaining $450,514,650 or more. And Apple also wants more damages than the jury gave it. Apple gets to keep roughly 60% of one of the largest awards ever made but will have to fight to get the rest, which Koh claims was granted on incorrect legal theory. Samsung said, "We are pleased that the court decided to strike from the jury's award. Samsung intends to seek further review as to... (more)

Don’t Miss 50% of Your Paying Customers on Their Mobile Devices

"We expect that the revenue made via our mobile apps will cross the 50% mark within this year!" Most of our eCommerce customers are starting to say this to us. These customers have driven their businesses to the web and have successfully applied Real User Monitoring (RUM) for web. They have found and fixed many of the common performance problems described in Top 8 Performance Landmines, 5 Steps to improve eCommerce Performance and What if A/B Testing fails to improve conversions. As these customers start seeing an increase in revenue from mobile they have to extend their RUM capabilities from Web-only to all end user devices including mobile web and mobile native apps. What does a mobile RUM solution have to track? From a "classical" web perspective we learned that a RUM solution has to answer the following four questions for our clients: Who are my customers? Are m... (more)

The Social and Economic Impact of Code Halos and Smart Cars

Last week I attended and spoke at the Internet of @ThingsExpo, in NYC.  I was very excited to learn all about the latest developments in this space, and to share our research from the Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant.  If you consider all the mobile devices and IoT sensors that are collecting and feeding data (Code Halos) into giant databases that can be analyzed around the world, then you can image the plethora of new business models and business services that will ultimately spin out of it. My colleague, Peter Abatan, Program Manager, Mobility Services at Cognizant, has spent some time pondering connected smart cars and shares his predictions and insights with us today. Google leads the way in terms of autonomous driverless cars. Their vehicles have altogether logged over 700,000 autonomous miles, and there is still a lot more to do in terms of developmen... (more)

Creating an Effective BYOD Policy

Employees like the ability to choose.  Whether it be choosing the hours they work or whether or not they can telecommute to work, choosing makes them feel empowered, which tends to boost their job satisfaction. Another area in which they enjoy being given choice is how they can communicate and collaborate.  To accommodate this choice, businesses will do well to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy.  This policy will allow workers to choose whatever mobile device they prefer to carry out many of their work-related functions.  One downside to BYOD is that CIOs have to face many challenges related to an abundance of mobile devices, none of which they have full control over, accessing internal networks. At one time, mobile devices were mostly used to carry out simple communications between a wide array of mobile users, mostly through phone calls and texts.  ... (more)

Mac Devine's Internet of Things Presentation Slides @ThingsExpo NY

Download Slide Deck: ▸ Here Almost everyone sees the potential of Internet of Things but how can businesses truly unlock that potential. The key will be in the ability to discover business insight in the midst of an ocean of Big Data generated from billions of embedded devices via Systems of Discover. Businesses will also need to ensure that they can sustain that insight by leveraging the cloud for global reach, scale and elasticity. Without bringing these three elements together via Systems of Discover you either end up with an Internet of somethings and/or a big mess of data. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Mac Devine, a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, focused on how to ensure businesses have the right plans in place for Systems of Discovery for the Internet-of-Things world we are entering. Speaker Bio: Mac Devine is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. He has 24 years ... (more)